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November 2011

International Day

German Adventures - Bremen

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all well!

So this Thursday was the International Day, which meant the whole University cancelled lectures, and instead we had stands with Information about foreign countries. Most were about study abroad opportunities given by last year's Hochschule exchange (I went to speak to the people on the Hertfordshire stand, and they told me about how much they loved Hatfield!), however the Incoming exchange students like me also held Food stands where we made traditional food for the Germans to try. And so last weekend I went to a Russian Party, where the girl from Russia was testing her food for her stand, which was pretty cool!

British Stall

British Stall

With the two other British exchange students, we had a food stand with Scones, and spent three hours the evening baking 240 of them. They turned out to be a big success, with them all going within 5 hours (the day was supposed to be 8 hours...) And even though we produced more food than the other countries did, ours were one of the first to run out. We were also being given compliments for days about how nice they tasted...with two even asking for recipies! One girl said to me after trying one: "Oh this is weird, British food is usually so disgusting, but these are really nice!".

There was also a raffle with many prizes being held, and you will be pleased to hear, that once again I entered a competition and won a prize! It is becoming a regular occurrence for Brits to win against Germans :) Thursday was also the opening of the Christmas Markets in the city centre. However as it is not even December yet, I will wait a while before exploring it fully. However what I saw of it was really wonderful. Exactly what you see on television!

This Saturday I once again had class (Seriously...these Germans don't seem to understand what a Weekend is!) and I had to deliver a presentation, which was my first since I have been here. After delivering the presentation, I was pleased to discover that my lecturer classed my English as fluent! Who would have guessed?!

I also decided, after working it all out, to buy myself a German SIM card, and so now I also have a German phone number! However - I will still be using my British number as my main number!

It is now just over three weeks until I am back in Britain for Christmas! And so I will see some of you pretty soon!

Viel Spaß!

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German Adventures - Berlin

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all well!
So, as I mentioned last time, Germany is keeping me busy! This weekend was the trip to Berlin.

On Friday morning we met at the University and took a coach for 5 hours to the German capital. In the afternoon we went into the centre and had a scavenger hunt. You will be pleased to know that my team were crowned the winners, despite us having spent the least time completing it!



I was told a funny story about one of the groups - my housemate Rodrigo was trying to answer the question "How many types of Coffee are there in Germany", and so he went in to a Café and was about to ask a lady - when one of his team members stopped him, as it was the German Chancellor - Angela Merkel! Unfortunately I did not see her, but I did see her house...some consolation. After the hunt we went to a restaurant for a meal, and then I went with half of the group to the Reichstag (the German Parliament) where you can go onto the roof and see views of the city. On Saturday we got back on the coach and were taken on a three hour tour of the city seeing most of the sights.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

After the tour ended we were free for the afternoon, so I decided to go and visit the bits of Berlin I had missed or had changed since I last saw the city two years ago. This included seeing the sight of Hitler's bunker, the reconstruction of the Berlin Wall and Tempelhof Airport, which is now an open park. I also noticed an epic flag shop on the city tour in the morning, however when i went to the shop at 3:00 it was already closed....pity because it was seriously epic.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

On Sunday we visited Charlottenburg Palace, where some of the Kings of Prussia used to live in Summer. We then left the city and came back to Bremen. It was a good trip, but cold! Back in Bremen the work at Uni is getting harder...a number of presentations are coming up, but its not so bad. Last weekend I went to Heide Park, which is the German Equivalent of Thope Park (they even have the same logo). As it was the last day of opening before it closed for the winter, it was pretty quiet, so we got on all the rides very fast.

This week was also good, as I received the first of my Erasmus payments (essentially an extra grant for covering extra costs of living abroad, funded by the EU) which was £780 - very nice! Next week is the International Day, where we shall bring a taste of Britain to Bremen...literally - we are planning to make some scones for the Germans. Next weekend is also the beginning of the Christmas Markets....Although all shops have Christmas decorations already out, and so do some houses! I will let you know soon about the next exciting events in my German Adventures!

Viel Spaß! Kevin.

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